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Club Card

Just head to your favorite store and ask for a new one.  

Just ask! All of our stores carry them, so visit a store near you. You can also apply online.

Yes! Club Cards are always free and sign up is easy.

Savers Club Card is your license to save bigger than big. Sign-up is free, and members enjoy pre-sales events, members-only coupons, birthday offers, invites to special events and access to exclusive contests.  

Product Safety

It’s always best to contact the manufacturer of the item in question. Many times, they’ll even send you a replacement for free. 

We make every effort to ensure everything we sell is good quality and in working order. However, even we may miss something, so when in doubt, call the manufacturer to ask questions. You can also bring in your item for an exchange. Read our exchange policy.

Purchase & Exchange

Good question! While we don’t provide cash refunds, clothing, accessories and small household items may be exchanged within 7 days of purchase provided the item has the original tags attached and you have the receipt. The exchange must take place on the same day in order to receive the dollar value paid for the original item. Store management may decide to issue a 7-day extension if the customer can’t find items of like value to exchange, but that’s an exception to the rule. If an item was purchased at a discount, you’ll receive the discounted price when exchanging, not the original price. All sales are final on select items including furniture, other large items (such as sporting equipment), computers, computer accessories, books, music, videos and jewelry.

Sorry, we don’t do consignment here. However, since our stores support local charities, we’d be happy to accept your gently used items as a donation on behalf of one of our nonprofit partners. 

We don’t buy goods from the public directly. Instead, we gladly accept donations of items on behalf of local charities. How it works is that we support the programs and services of these neighborhood nonprofits every time you drop off a donation. And the more you donate your items, the more help they get. 

First off, thanks for the compliment! Second and more importantly, each of our stores receives thousands of different items every day. Items in our ads are just a sample of our huge selection, so your best bet is to find a store near you and go shopping!

Since great items come and go and come again around here, we can only sell merchandise in our stores.

If you visit our stores, we’ll be glad to assist. We receive thousands of items daily, so turnover happens as fast as treasures appear. As such, we can’t track specific merchandise availability either at our store or in other stores.

Gift Certificates

Consider this: we get 10,000+ items at our stores every day, which means mega variety—perfect for that ‘has everything’ kinda person. Not only that, each of our stores supports neighborhood charities, so shopping here helps us, help others. Need more proof? Check out our Inspiration section for fashion and home décor DIY ideas. 

We’re not able to offer gift certificates online just yet, so visit us in store to purchase.

Any amount you want so long as it’s at least $1. 

That’s easy. Just find a store and head to it. Any cashier or manager will gladly assist.

If you do not have a location near you, please email us at or call us at (425)450-7562.  To ensure your safety and offer the best possible customer service, please provide us with a phone number so we may call you back and complete the order over the phone.  We ship free of charge by regular mail or can ship faster for an additional fee.

General Questions

We remain committed to supporting Minnesota nonprofits as we have done for more than 25 years. For more information and to learn more, click here.

Great question! We welcome donations of gently used clothing (for all ages), housewares & knick-knacks, books & music, small electronics, the list goes on. Infact, it can be found right here: items we accept. We also have a list for items we don't accept, which includes things like weapons & explosives, large furniture, any food-related items and the like. 

This 2014 through 2021 accessibility plan outlines the commitments and actions that Value Village

Stores, Inc. (Value Village) will put in place to prevent and remove barriers to accessibility and how the

requirements of the regulations will be met, for all its operations and stores in the province of Ontario.


You can download the Multi-Year Accessibility Plan and Accessible Customer Service Plan here.