Knight Costume for Kids

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Chivalrous Knight Costume for Boys

It's the perfect time of year for your little guy to show his true colors. He's always there to help his little sister tie her shoes, loves grabbing the mail for Mom and is always playing outside with Spot the dog, so why not brag a little bit about your very own knight in shining armor? This costume has everything you need to create the perfect knight costume, but it's easy to add fun accessories to make the look shine even brighter. Whether you pair this costume with a cool sword, fancy shoes or a stuffed toy horse, there's no one that will compare to your knight on the night of Halloween!

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Knight Costume for Kids

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This knight costume for boys is but one of the many dashing looks that we have this year. We’ve also got men’s Halloween costumes, women’s Halloween costumes, more kid’s Halloween costumes, and pet Halloween costumes (Spot will love it!). And we also carry brand new makeup and scores of new and used accessories. New Halloween costumes, gently used costumes and a whole bounty of items for DIY costumes. It’s all under one roof—the one attached to our store! And we have a costume consultant on hand who can help you create the coolest look out there. And did we mention we’ve got Halloween décor, too? Host your Halloween shindig with all the frills for less.