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Toronto shows it gives a sh!rt

We launched the I Give A Sh!rt movement by taking over Yonge-Dundas Square in Toronto and asking people to give a sh!rt about their clothing footprint. And did they—over 1,000 people pledged to make their next new T-shirt a thrifted one.

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Give a sh!rt about your clothing footprint

Give a sh!rt about your clothing footprint



With more clothing and textiles ending up in landfills than ever before, we launched our first “State of Reuse Report” to take a closer look at clothing consumption, waste and the reasons people do and do not reuse and recycle more. We found important gaps in awareness about the environmental impact of clothing and identified educational opportunities to encourage people to change wasteful habits and #RethinkReuse. 

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A Better World Through Reuse

A Better World Through Reuse

Recycling is an art form

To help communicate that the
average North American disposes
of 70 pounds of textiles annually,
we created a large-scale exhibit
that put it all in perspective.

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Every item you donate, big or small,
supports a nonprofit in your neighborhood.

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